Typsy provides online hospitality training courses to the hospitality industry globally. All courses can be accessed via mobile or desktop through browser or an easy to use app and are filmed with industry experts worldwide.
Typsy helps hospitality businesses, schools create a more skilled and engaged workforce so that the industry continues to deliver consistently great guest experiences. 

Key Platform features

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  1. Desktop and mobile ready with courses, lessons and mentor sessions filmed with award winning hospitality professionals from across the globe

  2. Schedule different training to different learners creating unique learning pathways

  3. Watch videos in your language of choice! Spoken in English, with closed captions in more than 15 languages

  4. Exceptional birds-eye and detailed reporting and analytics across large numbers of staff and students

  5. Add your own custom content (provided by you or custom produced with Typsy Studios)

  6. Download helpful resources to reinforce learning outcomes

  7. All Typsy courses are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality.

Course Design

Typsy records a range of courses under the following categories:

  • Beverage

  • Culinary

  • Service

  • Housekeeping

  • Business

  • Management

  • Compliance

  • COVID-19

Most lessons are under 5 minutes in duration, and every lesson has gone through an instructional design process prior to filming to ensure that there are strong learning outcomes and that the information provided is accurate.

Skill credits are earned whenever a lesson is completed, and every course is consists of a series of lessons in linear order.  

After every course, learners are required to pass a short quiz to earn a shareable certificate.

Manager Dashboard

Managers on Typsy can view a quick snapshot of total training across the entire organisation or drill down into detail at team or individual level.

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Manager Reports

Typsy offers a suite of reports and analytics which enables managers to track and manage performance.

Managers can view leadership boards, course completion, and more.

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Assign Training Courses

The Typsy platform allows you to automatically assign training to new team members to make onboarding consistent and easy.

Training can be set as optional or required according to your requirements

Create your Own Content

The Typsy platform allows you to create your own content.

Give all staff a great understanding of their expected role and responsibilities

Provide training to directly support their role

Deliver standard operating procedure training online

Deliver training on customer expectations

Support team understanding of systems and process training

Provide training to address compliance and risk protocols

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Member Dashboard

Each member can create and build their own hospitality learning profile - This can be shared with current or future employers.

Learners on Typsy can:

  • Build their own professional profiles by completing training

  • Receive a certificate for every course completed

  • View and Watch recommended and assigned training 

  • Discover their own training

  • View their own analytics and leaderboard

  • View, download, or share achievements.