About the Winning Programme

The COVID-19 global pandemic is today being recognized by world leaders as a war against the invisible. And indeed it is. In this context, MHRA is determined to inspire its members to victory by first sending a clear message to all that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that together we can win over this unprecedented challenge. To win, however, we need to all get-together and share knowledge, experience, and resources. That is why now more than ever, professional hospitality training is paramount.

MHRA has therefore brought together world-leading learning partners and developed a range of on-line learning solutions to help hospitality operators stay one step ahead of the curve. Towards this end, we are being supported by certified Executive Trainers and highly experienced service professionals who know how to motivate and engage teams. They offer extensive knowledge of best practices that they gathered from their experiences training in hospitality worldwide.

The WINNING programme aims to:

  1. Create awareness amongst employees and the youth about career opportunities in the tourism and the hospitality sector.

  2. Create opportunities for upskilling and/or reskilling amongst current executives and employees in the tourism & hospitality sector.

  3. Create opportunities for skills transfers and networking amongst executives and employees in the tourism & hospitality sector.

  4. Instill a quality culture amongst employees working in the Maltese travel, hospitality, and tourism sector.