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Whether it's a lager or ale, sour or bitter, dark or light, most beer has one thing in common: yeast. KQED Science visits a commercial yeast laboratory and a Bay Area brewery to reveal how this key ingredient is a major player in both science history and beer production.
Let's talk beer. What's the difference between an ale and a lager? To find out, we visited Boomtown Brewery in Los Angeles, and met with Production Manager, Benjamin Turkel, who explained the similarities and differences between the two beers. Benjamin took us through the different style points and production methods to learn ultimately what separates the two styles of brews.
Here's a crash course on beers that'll raise your profile from novice to knowledgeable consumer.
Great for those newly interested in craft beer, both personally & professionally. This short tutorial will offer craft beer tips, facts & procedures to help you fast track your knowledge.
Food & Wine's tutorial on the right way to pour an IPA, a Stout and a Wheat beer.