5 Common Phrases That Ruin First Impressions

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The first impressions that you make often hinge on the smallest of things. It can be a gesticulation or a choice of words. Your first impressions snap into place in just seven seconds. These judgments are influenced by a number of factors. Choosing the right things to say and do will affect your relationship with the person you are meeting with in a big way.

In this video, I want to share 5 phrases I hear all the time that can destroy your charisma. I will also give you some things that you can say instead, so that you can continue to make amazing first impressions, and become your most confident, charismatic self in the moments that matter the most!


0:23 - Phrase #1: ”Sorry for taking your time”
1:45 - Phrase #2: “Fine”
3:03 - Phrase #3: “Hey…”
4:06 - Phrase #4: “Nice to see you”
5:07 - Phrase #5: “Can I buy you a drink/coffee?”

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