How To Be Confident In Any Situation

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For many men, Don Draper is the epitome of confidence. What most people don’t realize is that confidence actually comes in two flavors. There is the external confidence that you project, which can make closing deals, making friends or seducing happen more naturally. There is also the internal confidence you feel which is how comfortable you are in any given situation.

In this video, we’re going to analyze what Don can teach us about both levels of confidence, and how mastering each level can take you from being nervous to completely confident in any situation.


0:41 - Lesson #1: His relaxed body language.
2:58 - Lesson #2: Don is non-reactive.
5:18 - Lesson #3: He doesn’t try to convince other people.
6:57 - Lesson #4: The belief that he will be okay, no matter what.

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