IoD Malta | Can Malta's Boards lead a green recovery for our country?

The global lockdown during the current pandemic has seen an unprecedented fall in pollution levels in many parts of the world, including Malta. This has given every Board and every business a chance to take stock.

A truly green recovery will require a joint effort from government, business and society to overcome the challenge of transitioning to a low-carbon economy, and this IoD Malta webinar will bring some of the most enquiring minds to address the topic; President of Din L'Art Helwa Alex Torpiano, Professor Simone Borg, environmentalist Dr. Roberta Lepre and Dr. Nadia Theuma, Executive Director of Paragon Europe.

Targets like moving towards a zero-carbon economy in the Mediterranean instill business confidence and help to create a shared sense of purpose; inspiring others to act and scale up their own ambitions. We have an opportunity to create ambition loops, where businesses provide support for bold government policies and in turn the Maltese Government could adopt policies that drive further actions by businesses, creating new jobs and economic growth.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a grim global toll on lives, health services, jobs and mental health, but the climate debate hasn't gone away. And as Malta's Government looks to lift restrictions and ease the lockdown, we now have a real opportunity to embrace change - moving away from the carbon-intensive model with cars belching exhaust fumes in endless traffic jams and instead accelerate investment in clean projects using electric or hydrogen cars, solar power, and more responsible eco-purchasing behaviours that support a circular economy to reduce waste.

As Malta and the rest of the world looks to recover from the current health and economic crises caused by COVID-19, we have an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a modern, clean and green system. Will Malta's Boards be one of the key drivers of this change to a greener country?


- Professor Alex Torpiano , President of Din L'Art Helwa
- Professor Simone Borg
- Dr. Roberta Lepre, Weave Consulting Founder and Director
- Dr. Nadia Theuma, xecutive Director of Paragon Europe


Edwin Ward, Director-General of IoD Malta
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