Live Webinars with DR. ZAHI HAWASS

You don’t have to leave home to discover Egypt’s greatest secrets when you take part in the fascinating webinars with Dr. Zahi Hawass – LIVE from Egypt. There is no better expert to lead you through the fascinating history of the Land of the Pharaohs than the living legend of archaeology and the former Minister of Antiquities. Dr. Hawass has revolutionized our understanding of ancient Egypt and now he takes you behind the scenes of the most celebrated Egyptian treasures.

Each of the three webinars will last for about an hour and will be divided into three parts: a video with Dr. Hawass from an archaeological site, a LIVE broadcast from Egypt and a Q&A session with Dr. Hawass. You will get exclusive insight into groundbreaking research, ongoing excavation work and exciting plans for the coming years.

Additionally, you can join EXCLUSIVE LIVE Q&A SESSION with Dr. Zahi Hawass – strictly limited to 50 people. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Dr. Zahi Hawass about the fascinating history of ancient Egypt, now is your chance.

Sign up and join Dr. Hawass in his quest to unveil Egypt’s secrets. More info at
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