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Diversity is including many different aspects of society, tradition, culture, race, gender and background experiences into ones organization.

Diversity in the workforce is needed for the following 5 reasons:

1- Diversity is good for understanding what the consumer needs.
2- Diversity is good for building trust
3- Diversity opens up different perspectives and opportunities
4- Equality and diversity encourage individual contribution and responsibility
5- Improvement of your market share and growth of your business.

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We can learn and innovate more effectively — and understand the value of diversity — by making small changes in ourselves, says Katherine Phillips, Paul Calello Professor of Leadership and Ethics and Senior Vice Dean, Columbia Business School.

Talks @ Columbia draw speakers from among the thousands of thought leaders and researchers that make up the diverse faculty community at Columbia University. Through brief, engaging multimedia presentations, these experts show how the idea that matters most to them can resonate with us all. Talks @ Columbia provide fresh perspectives on the most important global topics today, persuasion to change how we think and act, and inspiration for us to help others and improve the world.
In South Africa, one global hotel chain has become the first on the continent to employ deaf people in all aspects of the business. Crystal Orderson is in Cape Town and explains how some people say it's a sign of things to come.
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