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People with disabilities live, work, travel, and participate in all aspects of society—but not without challenges. A frequent barrier to access and inclusion is transportation, particularly long-distance travel.

AIR has created online training for the travel and hospitality industries to improve your understanding of travelers with disabilities, improve services for customers with disabilities, reduce complaints, and build brand loyalty.
The Stadthaushotel in Hamburg is a prime example that people with disabilities can do a demanding job. The concept is working - beds are fully booked.

Welcome to Stadthaushotel in Hamburg, where the customer is king and the staff is truly special. Many of the employees in Europe's first 'integration hotel' have mental or physical disabilities. Claudia Peterson has Down syndrome and a qualified position. Without her work, the hotel would cease to run. In fact, the hotel was founded by parents of disabled children, who wanted to give their kids the possibility to live independently.
This week Insight looks at whether more people with disabilities should be working – and what’s standing in the way. So what are the hurdles? Practicalities? Attitudes of employers? Or the attitudes of the job seekers themselves?