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Green Competitive Advantages

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The "inconvenient truth" about climate change and its grave consequences has changed the perception of environmental topics. Certainly since the fall of 2006, with the publication of the Stern Review estimating the damage caused by global warming at 5% of GDP, or when AI Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2007, the integration of our environmental and economic future has stopped being considered a sideshow for "alternative" energies, products, and strategies. Regardless of their size, industry, or region, companies are now developing "green" initiatives. And there is a new dimension. Companies are no longer mainly concerned with defending against external demands or conducting PR-/CSR activities to preserve their reputation but are rather engaged in economic activities to ensure their future, out of self-interest. It is no longer a matter of launching isolated "eco" activities or optimising business processes and divisions from the perspective of sustainability. Instead, it is strategically integrating sustainability in all corporate activities.