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Key Social Media Marketing Skills for Tourism Businesses: Here you will learn how to use professional skills that can help improve your tourism business' social media efforts. We'll share practical tips, tourism business examples, and specific action steps to help you get started.
As marketers must develop an understanding of consumer needs and motives and develop marketing strategies accordingly. We will share an understanding of how consumers make decisions, consider the personal and environmental factors that influence consumer decisions, understand the strategic implications of consumer influences and decisions for product, advertising, pricing, and distribution strategies
Nation branding is a relatively new concept. It is the process of applying corporate branding techniques to promote countries, the main objective is to build and manage the reputation of a state. Nation branding is practiced by many states including Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, UAE, South Africa, and New Zealand. There is a growing interest among less affluent states to practice nation branding as it has the capacity to improve their image abroad and promote trade, tourism and direct investment. On the other hand Destination Branding is one of the activities relating to Destination Marketing, which is aimed at promoting a tourist destination through the building of a linked brand. The purpose is to give value to the destination, so that tourists or travellers are able to recognize and share the brand identity.
Hotel web marketing in a nutshell: digital presence and online reputation

During this course, the following topics shall be covered:

- Tourism 4.0 and the 4th “industrial revolution”: how to survive
- Strategic and operational marketing: differences
- Pills of “strategic marketing”: the importance of identifying your U.S.P. (unique selling proposition)
- Pills of “operational marketing”: the power of web marketing in the tourism industry - Web & Digital Marketing in the world of tourism: an overview

- Hotel onl-ine presence in 6 points:
1) Hotel website: 5 mistakes to avoid; hints on SEO and SEM (pay per click)
2) Google my business: tips about a good management of your free listing (geolocation, photos, video, info, services, reviews); hints of google analytics
3) Metasearches (Trivago, kayak, momondo, hotelsCombined): how to require the ownership of your profile (the free listing) and some tips about how obtain the maximum profile optimization % (thanks to pictures and descriptions)
4) OTAs: How to get the most out of otas? Tips about how to optimize your profile percentage; the importance of a good price management
5) Review sites aren’t your enemies! The online brand reputation: how to manage the reviews and what is their strong connection with the room rates and revenue management in general
6)The magic world of social networks: general introduction to the social media in the tourism sector; pills about “algorthms” and how to post on Instagram & facebook