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The Social Hotelier by Sam-Erik Ruttmann

Interview with Kari Aihinen, Exec. Chef Savoy

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Pro Tips what it  takes to be the Top Table in Town!

    • Interview with Kari Aihinen, Exec. Chef Savoy
      00:17 hour(s)
Sam Erik Ruttmann
Sam Erik Ruttmann
Director of Global Hospitality Development at Studio Puisto Architects
Expert in hotel business, redefining new paradigms for your business growth. Extensive international experience in the hotel industry, hotel management, hotel development for multi brand hotel companies, brand re launch, and asset management across, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. A strategic and operational back ground in senior management roles leading multi branded hotels and managing owner relations. Currently helping hotel owners and managers to leverage social media to grow their audience, brand and market share.