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Responsible Tourism & Travel

Responsible Tourism & Travel

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Duration: 03:04 hours

What do we mean by responsible and sustainable travel and tourism, why is it important to the tourism sector and what your business might do to become more sustainable?

This short course looks at four key areas and should give you a primer on:

  • Key sustainability issues and concepts

  • Possible responses supported by case study examples

  • Guidance on improving your business responses to sustainability and ESG practices

  • Sources of further information

    • ‘Becoming Future Ready’ – Towards Sustainable Travel & Tourism
      00:52 hour(s)
    • Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Social Governance
      00:45 hour(s)
    • Enhancing Visitor Experience through Technology and Placemaking
      00:38 hour(s)
    • Responsible Tourism in Practice
      00:48 hour(s)
Peter Sharratt
Peter Sharratt

Peter is the founder and Managing Director of Fhoras Consulting, a niche advisory practice focused on delivering sustainable solutions to government, investors and business.

His specialisms are strategic planning, corporate sustainability partnerships, strategies and ESG programmes, working at board level with a range of SE listed companies in the tourism, transportation, logistics and property sectors.

He has extensive experience advising national, regional and municipal governments on green tourism growth strategies, smart cities, economic infrastructure and sustainable development and has worked closely with the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation and the MHRA, Malta.

His applied research activities include digital transformation, occupant comfort and passive and low energy architecture. He has been part of  the leadership teams for numerous award winning sustainability projects and has served on a number of investor and industry advisory boards.