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Sharpening Knives

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In this Tutorial I am going to show you various ways you can sharpen your knives. First with the Electric Sharpener, secondly with the Combination Stone, and finally how to keep your knife sharp and maintain a perfect edge. 

Please bear in mind that electric sharpeners, although effective and quick to use, do grind your knives away quite quickly. 

Lastly once you have beautifully sharp knives, do not put them in the dishwasher, as the coarse washing abrasion blunts them. After use, get into the habit of rinsing and drying your knife and placing it in a safe place.  Although it's common sense, never leave your knives in a bowl of washing up water, where they may go unnoticed, you or someone else may go to into the bowl to grab something to wash and could catch the blade, and your knives will now be razor sharp.  

  • Sharpening Knives
    • Sharpening Knives
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