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Disability Awareness

Understanding Autism for the Tourism Sector

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Duration: 01:00 hour

-What is autism: concept of “spectrum” and different levels of ability

  • One diagnosis, different aspects

  • Autism doesn't mean illness

  • Communication

  • Sensory disease

  • Stereotipies


-What your employees should know about welcoming an autistic person and his family

  • Communication: how to approach an autistic individual

  • Sensory disease: the right things to notice and what you can do

  • Routine: how to give help

  • Restaurants: suggestions

  • Rooms: suggestions

    • Basics about autism spectrum and sensory-related difficulties for touristic facilities
      00:40 hour(s)
    • Welcoming an autistic person and his family
      00:20 hour(s)
Sofia Santori
Sofia Santori