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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UNWTO Inclusive Recovery Guide – Sociocultural Impacts of Covid-19, Issue 2: Cultural Tourism

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The UNWTO Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility Department is issuing a series of thematic inclusive recovery guides reflecting the sociocultural Impacts of COVID-19. These guides result from collaboration with relevant partners with expertise in accessibility, women in tourism, culture, indigenous peoples’ development and a series of other relevant issues. The guides aim to help governments and businesses craft an inclusive response to the impacts of the pandemic.

UNWTO and UNESCO have collaborated to produce a set of new guidelines focusing on the responsible restart of cultural tourism. UNWTO invited its sister agency, UNESCO to contribute to the UNWTO Inclusive Recovery Guide, Issue 2: Cultural Tourism. The publication draws on the insights and expertise of the two UN agencies to analyse the impact of the pandemic on their respective sectors and suggest solutions. This is the second set of guidelines relating to the socio-cultural impacts of COVID-19 issued by UNWTO and will continue to be revised, as the situation evolves